Saltwater Tours | From the Experienced
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From the Experienced

Haden H. (May 2006)

This trip is one that still comes up in conversation quite often. It was epic surf shared with great people, and it put me in places I didn’t even know I was willing to go to. We were completely immersed in a rich culture that welcomed us with open arms, and the word “adventure” only begins to describe the time I spent in Indo.  It was a character building time in my life that I won’t soon forget.

Matt R. ( August 2008)

Amidst doing things like jumping off thirty-foot cliffs, spear-fishing for lunch, sliding down waterfalls, and surfing on uncrowded breaks, my time with Saltwater Tours was exhilarating and exotic.  I got to eat local food and participate in customs and community events when we stayed with families in remote villages.  Saltwater Tours will satisfy your craving for adventure by leading you into great adventure while being culturally sensitive.

Ryan E. (May 2007)

Saltwater Tours gave me a realistic, grass roots look at Indonesia– the people, the language, village life, and, of course, the waves. It is a great way to serve a community who really needs it and break down walls of ignorance between the Eastern world and the Western world.

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The Castle Family (July 2009)

We experienced firsthand the benefit of having a guided tour.  The island has really amazing waves, but you’d be hard pressed to know which surf spots to hit and when, if left  to your own devices.  Saltwater tours was well worth the investment, due to the guide’s extensive local knowledge.  We also are sold on the benefits of staying on land.  The boat tours that come from Bali don’t have the flexibility to seek out the lesser known spots that actually fired better than higher profile reefs.  Our guide factored in the swell, wind, and tide, and got us great surf nine out of ten tries.
The tour allowed us to get into the flow of village life.  We weren’t sealed off in a resort with high walls, suffering boredom if the swell was down or the wind was up.  Instead we enjoyed the color, the warmth of relationships, and the authentic food that village life has to offer.  We felt warmly welcomed and never in any danger.  It is an ideal set-up for a family who seeks out an adventure that each family member will never forget!

Matt M. (February 2007)

Traveling with Saltwater Tours is unlike any other trip I have been on.  Not only did we surf incredible un-crowded waves, but we got to experience Sumbawa from a local perspective.  It is easy to go to a surf resort or boat trips that keep you separated from the locals, but with James we stayed in a village, ate meals with local families and went home with a newfound appreciation for Indonesia.  Truly a unique trip.  I am particularly impressed with James’s language skills and how well he is known throughout the island.  I think he knows everyone in Sumbawa!  I’ll be back.