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About Saltwater Tours

The Company

Established in 2004, Saltwater Tours seeks to provide a high-quality experience that makes lasting memories for our guests. Our tours are based on the principle of “sustainable tourism,” which means we offer the experience of a lifetime in a way that will harm neither the environment nor the people here. In fact, we value partnering with the local community as often as possible. We participate in community development projects and we do our best in educating the local government about entertaining tourists. You never know, when you come on a tour, you may find yourself with an opportunity to help a local farmer harvest his crop!

The Staff



Austin has been surfing in southern California ever since he could walk. He has that local knowledge on every surf break nearby, making him an excellent tour guide to bring you to those great waves. He’s also a great shot with a spear gun.



Luke grew up working on a sport fishing boat in southern California. In college, he started rock climbing and surfing and has loved both ever since. When it comes to fishing or rock climbing, Luke can hook it up!

Tawny Photo


Tawny is our local snorkeling pro. She knows where the right spots are and loves to hang out with guests. She’s also got a great network of local contacts. This makes her an excellent guide if you want to learn about Indonesian culture.