Experience Authentic Indoneisa

Indoneisa is a beutiful place with amazing people and incredible adventures
Saltwater Tours offers the opportunity for you to have a rare authentic experience

Where We Are

Saltwater Tours has multiple locations throughout West Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi which gives you a variety of expereinces to enjoy. Each location is entirely unique, so it all depends on what you want to do! We operate in West Sumbawa, Sumbawa Besar, Lombok, Buton, and Kendari.


What We Do

Indonesia has world famous beaches with some of the best surf in the world. Get ready to surf, dive, snorkel, spearfish, and even swim with whale sharks. We also offer hiking, caving, and rock-climbing. Whether you are on land or water our experienced guides can get you into the perfect barrel or help you scale a volcano.



Whether you are planning a vacation for a big or small group, our tours can accommodate you. purchase one of our tour packages for a great deal on multi-day tours. Or, if you are just looking for a fun single day outing while you are in Indoneisa, we offer single-day tours at a reasonable price.

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