What is authentic?

Come and experience authentic Indonesia. Eat, play, and aid local communities while surfing world class waves, mountain biking through some of the most beautiful and untouched jungle, trekking Indonesian volcanoes, and diving and snorkeling on uncharted reefs. These trips are designed to give you an authentic and real understanding of life in Indonesia while you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Pursuit of great things

Some do great things to find adventure; others find adventure in pursuit of great things.

At Saltwater Tours, our tours are designed to be the adventure of a lifetime while positively impacting local communities. Every tour participates in community driven development projects. Depending on the needs of the different villages, we teach basic computer and conversational English, aid in community building projects, help local farmers with the harvest, etc. It is our desire to use the gifts and talents of Saltwater participants to meet the vocalized needs of local villages. At Saltwater Tours, we know that as we pursue great things adventure will be found.


Buton and Mt. Siontapina

The island of Buton gets its name from the Arabic word “butuni,” which means stomach or belly.  It is said that Buton is the belly of the world, and that it holds all of its core secrets.  If Buton is the belly, then Mt. Siontapina is the belly button.  There is an old banyan tree encircling a large rock in a clearing at the top of this mountain which is said to be from where the world was first created.  Every year six villages, men, women, and children, hike to the top of this mountain to carry out the rituals they have been doing for hundreds of years and to meet with the King of the Jungle.  This tour will give visitors a chance to see the sacred ground at the top of Mt. Siontapina.  On the way to this mountain, we will spend some time at the current capital of the regency of Buton, Pasarwajo.  Pasarwajo is the primary port for the largest deposit of natural asphalt in Asia.  There is also some good diving around this city.  For a tour rich in history, folklore, and with some beautiful dives, you can’t go wrong with visiting Buton and Mt. Siontapina.  For more information contact Caleb at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Kabaena and Mt. Sabampolulu

Among the islands of Southeast Sulawesi there is one mountain that stands above the rest, Mt. Sabampolulu.  This mountain is located on the island of Kabaena, and is the most difficult hike of the tours we offer.  There are many stories and beliefs surrounding the mountains on this island.  The west side of the island has been referred to as the “Bermuda triangle” of Sulawesi, with several ships running aground and sinking on its shallow concealed reefs.  This provides guests the opportunity to do some wreck diving, as well as have a look at a large whale skeleton displayed at one of the local villages.  This island is currently being mined for nickel and has a deep cave that can be explored.  This is the most remote location of the island tours.  For more information contact Caleb at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Family Tours

At Saltwater Tours, we love to host trips for the whole family. Indonesia is a Muslim country, and men and women have very different roles. When whole families come over it really opens up the experience as the women will see and experience things where men are not allowed.